Colorado License Plate with the letters CDFC

The CDFC was created by the Colorado legislature to help Coloradans with disabilities by supporting organizations that have new and innovative ideas that benefit the disability community.

The CDFC has statutory authority to sell license plate configurations by auction or at a "Buy it Now" price, current sales are posted at

  • License plate configurations purchased through the CDFC do not need to be registered to a vehicle at the time of purchase.
  • The amount paid to the CDFC for the license configuration DOES NOT include registration, taxes, fees, vanity plate cost, or other charges regularly paid to register a vehicle. A successful bidder will need to register the license configuration through a special process with the DMV to place it on a vehicle.
  • Please review the Terms & Conditions prior to purchase.
  • If a license configuration was obtained through the regular DMV process and allowed to expire, after 13 months the CDFC may reserve the configuration for future sale.
  • If you would like the CDFC to consider listing a particular license plate configuration in a sale please fill out this form.
  • The CDFC will not notify you if your requested license configuration is added for sale. It is up to the requestor to monitor the auction website.
  • If you have a personalized license plate configuration you would like the CDFC to consider selling for you please fill out this form.
  •  Email the CDFC Coordinator with any additional questions.